Photographers, Peter A. Dettling and Jim Lawrence, have generously allowed us to use  their stunning wildlife images.

Peter A. Dettling

Terra Magica


Peter Dettling is a photographer, painter and author whose passion for the natural world has taken him all over the globe, from the Galapagos Islands to Alaska's far north, and from the African Plains to the Swiss Alps. His images have won numerous awards and are published regularly in various print outlets and leading magazines.

Since his childhood, Peter has been deeply moved by people who work passionately for saving the last remaining pristine environments and the wild animals that live in them. Peter is driven by the idea that art can make a difference. Peter hopes his art will promote a better relationship between humans and nature, in particular, with large predators, such as wolves and bears. In 2006, Peter Dettling was one of the first ever to photograph a wild wolf on Swiss soil after they started to make a shy comeback in the Alps late in the 20th century. Click to learn more about Peter's work on wolves and bears and other past projects.

An ethical photographer and environmentalist, Jim Lawrence strives to present images that instill understanding of our fragile wilderness, and inspire respect for life in endangered ecosystems.


Jim’s character was formed from experiences in the wilderness from early childhood. Growing up in the Lardeau Valley afforded opportunities like accompanying a fur trapper on a two-week trek along a remote trapline when he was thirteen.


Through his photography Jim aspires to crystallize the character of the animals and considers observation of an animal’s life a profound honor. His patience and acuity is guided by an intention to raise consciousness about the lives of animals and the protection of wilderness habitat. During extended global travels, Jim studied photography formally at the Durban Institute of Technology in South Africa. Click to learn more about Jim's work as an ethical photographer and environmentalist.

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