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Setting Alberta on the Path to Caribou Recovery (May, 2016)

Author: Eric Denhoff, Deputy Minister, Alberta Environment and Parks

Eric Denhoff confirms that the province of Alberta is killing healthy ungulates for the province's strychnine wolf kill program.
“For example, the province kills an average of approximately 20 moose and elk per year to use as strychnine bait stations set to kill wolves. In addition, the strychnine-laced traps used to kill the wolves have unintended consequences, since other animals—from cougars to bears and birds—unwittingly eat the same bait.” (Page 44, Paragraph 5)

COMPOUND 1080. The Case against poisoning Canada's wildlife (October, 2018)

Numerous jurisdictions around the world have banned Compound 1080 due to the potential threats of this highly toxic substance.

Compound 1080 and all its derivatives should be banned from Canada, with an immediate moratorium placed on its use and handling until this is achieved.
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