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Wolf Awareness staff write guest and featured opinion pieces for major newspapers across Canada.

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Wolf kills and caribou zoos: here's what's wrong with B.C.'s new recovery plan

Published by the National Observer - May 23, 2019

On a cold morning in February, dedicated elementary students gathered lichen for caribou who live in the Revelstoke maternity pen. They were told these actions are creating hope for the future — they were lied to. There is no hope for caribou or other species that need lichen-bearing old-growth forests in this caribou planning unit or beyond if our current actions don’t change. And there’s no reason to believe that change is coming.
Woodland Caribou 19 Sept 29 2010_Jim Law

Oversimplification on caribou-wolf plan a dangerous weapon

Published by BC Local News - May 23, 2019

We offer this rebuttal to Terra Hatch’s letter to the editor (April 21) upon the request of concerned residents of the Cariboo-Chilcotin who do not share the author’s view that killing wolves is an acceptable solution to a complex environmental problem.

Protecting Caribou Is A Way To Protect Us All

Published by Huffington Post - April 9, 2018

Alberta claims to have spent millions of dollars on [caribou] recovery activities to date. Unfortunately, much of it has been wasted on fruitless wildlife killing experiments that distract the public from ongoing caribou endangerment by means of habitat destruction.

Spilling more wolf blood won’t save caribou

Published by BC Local News - March 28, 2019

Despite compelling evidence that caribou will disappear without mature forests, a recent report risks their survival by giving cover for government to ramp up wolf killing while allowing industry to continue destroying critical habitat. 

There's Nothing Legitimate About Killing Canada's Iconic Wolves

Published by Huffington Post - January 8, 2018

We intentionally destroy family bonds and irreplaceable ecological processes, dominating the landscape as if it were ours alone. We have done this with many species, but few more so than Canis Lupus, the grey wolf, an original inhabitant of North America.

Published by the Huffington Post - October 7, 2016

Grizzlies are extremely susceptible to being caught in wolf or coyote killing snares. Although there are designated areas and seasons to protect grizzlies from falling victim to snares, these are quite ineffective in protecting bears.

Marc Bekoff and Sadie Parr: Saving wolves with compassionate conservation

Published by the Georgia Straight - October 12, 2015

North Americans are often quick to condemn the brutality of other cultures and countries, inserting ourselves, sometimes using violent force, to establish what we consider peace keeping and a “good life”. Why then, has this sense of empathy not reached the way that we treat and care for other magnificent and fascinating species with who we share the North American landscape?
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Hunted wolves kill more

Published by the Daily Courier - June 21, 2015

Findings bolster other studies that indicate that killing wolves can cause more problems for ranchers and that maintaining pack social stability is important in minimizing conflicts, implying that the only sensible solution lies in preventing livestock losses to natural predators through husbandry practices.

Parr and Genovali: Alberta must call a truce in war on wolves

Published by Calgary Herald - August 14, 2014

Grey wolves in Alberta are exposed to lethal threats from every angle, including aerial gunning from helicopters, choking neck snares, and poison-baits that lure wolves and many other species to excruciating deaths. Alberta’s liberal hunting and trapping regulations, as well as unregulated private bounties, assure that the devastation of wolf families occurs nearly year-round.
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