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There are two projects for which we need your support:

Ban Canada's use of Poisons to Kill Wildlife
Stop Canada's Aerial Wolf Kill Programs

Write a letter to government officials

Write a letter

An individually written letter can have a huge impact on government officials. The more informed, individualized and targeted a letter is, the better.  It also makes it more difficult for governments to adopt a standard response. 

Ban the use of poisons to kill wildlife line drawing

Use our online form and join us in asking the Minister of Health and other important decision-makers to ban the use, production, processing and sale of Compound 1080, strychnine and M-44 cyanide devices outright across Canada. 

Helicopter icon - stop the wolf kill program

Use our online form and join us in asking decision makers responsible for wolf conservation to stop western Canada's aerial wolf killing programs under the guise of caribou conservation. 


— Jane Bailey, Lacombe AB

“Alberta has to start doing better regarding the care and protection of all our wildlife. Our wildlife is no longer a resource or a commodity, it is must for the human species to survive. ”

Survey icon -

Complete a survey

Taking the time to complete our surveys allows you to voice your opinions on specific issues, and add your voice to others. The data collected give us powerful statistics to present to decision makers and help us determine where we should be concentrating our efforts. 

Helicopter icon - stop the wolf kill program

Complete, and share, the WeHowl Wolf Kill Survey and lend your voice to the campain to stop the persecution of wolves in Western Canada.

Stop the Wolf Kill Program

Piggy Bank - donate to WolfAwareness Inc.

Donate - every little bit helps to fund our wolf research and projects.

As a charitable non profit, we rely on the generosity of caring people who believe in the research, education and conservation work we do for wolves. We can't do it without you. 

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