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Our research, education and conservation efforts are increasingly being picked up by main stream media. Check out the latest stories here:

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Advocacy group releases images of alleged government workers posing with wolf carcasses
DH News Calgary
“Government-contracted helicopter staff” showing off carcasses of wolves they’ve killed as part of Alberta’s caribou recovery program.
Oversimplification on caribou-wolf plan a dangerous weapon
Williams Lake Tribune
Rebuttal letter - Wolf Awareness presents an alternate perspective rooted in ecology and a broader view on the history of post-colonial manipulation of nature in North America.
Wolf kills and caribou zoos: here's what's wrong with B.C.'s new recovery plan
Canada's National Observer
B.C.'s new caribou recovery plan commits to wolf-kill programs for at least another two years (until 2021).
Letter: Spilling more wolf blood won’t save caribou
Revelstoke Review
Sadie Parr and Michael Bloomfield "What the authors are essentially saying is it is better to save the species than to protect the ecosystem. No ecosystem is safe when more than a dozen non-target species are killed by baited snares and strychnine strewn across the landscape ostensibly to save caribou."
'Worst ways to die'
Canadian Press
Ottawa asks if cruelty should be weighed in wildlife toxins
Wolves valuable part of ecosystems
Winnipeg Free Press
Studies across North America and beyond are providing mounting evidence to show that lethal control of wolves is ineffective and can even lead to increased conflicts...
B.C. decision to cull predators while expanding bighorn sheep hunt blasted by conservationists
Open hunting of rams with full curl horns allowed in Cariboo area for 1st time in 25 years
There's Nothing Legitimate About Killing Canada's Iconic Wolves
Huffington Post
Outdated policies continue to permit the brutal killing of one of the most intelligent, sentient and family oriented non-human animals that walk the planet.
This is why wolves really matter
Cottage Life
Wolves are one of the most highly developed social animals in the world. They have division of labour, cooperation, and sophisticated systems of communication.
Protecting Canada's Wildlife
Canadian Affair
Canada is synonymous with wildlife. Behind the scenes, conservationists are working tirelessly to ensure that Canada’s wildlife remains healthy and that it thrives despite the impact of human beings.
Protecting Caribou Is A Way To Protect Us All
Huffington Post
Government is responsible for ethical wildlife management and should take into account and plan for the well-being of future generations.
Conservation groups want public to wake up to inhumane wolf killings
The Jasper Local
The Alberta government is poisoning wolves in the name of caribou protection, but the program is neither effective nor humane.
Government to Restart Winter Wolf Kill
The Tyee
Wolf defenders say human activity, not wolves, to blame for decline in caribou population.
Using poison to cull wolves in Alberta is inhumane, says animal advocacy group
CBC Calgary
About 1,200 wolves have been culled since the population control program began in 2005. About 250 other animals have also been accidentally poisoned.
Canada Must Stop Poisoning Predators, Pets And Other Wildlife
Huffington Post
Dulce died in Christina's arms as her grandchildren looked on in tears.
Using poison and firearms in wolf cull
Alberta Prime Time
Wolves are being culled using poisons and firearms, which has been detrimental to hundreds of non-target animals.
Killing wolves and farming caribou benefit industry, not caribou: a response to Stan Boutin
Research Gate
Scientists open letter published in Nature Alberta: Killing wolves and farming caribou benefit industry, not caribou: a response to Stan Boutin.
A wolf pack struggles to survive in Banff National Park
CBC Radio
So what's happening to the Bow Valley wolf pack?
B.C. government scientists admit wolf cull is inhumane, then propose to expand it
Canada's National Observer
Two science advisors for the B.C. government have recommended that Premier Christy Clark’s administration expand its program to kill wolves, mountain lions, moose and deer...
Wolf And Coyote Traps Are Killing Grizzly Bears
Huffington Post
there remains one important source of bear mortality which the government recognizes but has done little to eliminate: baited killing snares set for the capture of wolves and coyotes.
Ontario withdraws proposals to ease wolf, coyote hunting regulations
There will be no changes this fall to wolf and coyote hunting regulations in northern Ontario.
Marc Bekoff and Sadie Parr: Saving wolves with compassionate conservation
The Georgia Straight
Wolves have been resurrected in Canada as the classic scapegoat.
Parr and Genovali: Alberta must call a truce in war on wolves
Calgary Herald
Wolf Awareness has erected a double-sided billboard along Highway 2 between Calgary and Red Deer alerting visitors and residents to the province’s misguided war on grey wolves.
Wolves are very much misunderstood
Red Deer Advocate
Biologist Sadie Parr grew up in Toronto thinking she would one day help save gorillas and elephants. Then she came West...
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