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The more informed, individualized and targeted a letter is, the stronger its impact will be. Identical letters are counted as a single voice, and we need as many voices taken into account as possible.

PLEASE take a moment to personalize your comments, also making it more difficult for governments to reply with a standard response.

Comment Form BC Wolf Kill

Some support points for your letter:


  • The real culprit driving caribou to extinction is habitat loss and impoverishment. Wolves did not put caribou in this situation, we did.

  • Provincial governments have knowingly allowed caribou to be pushed to their brink by inviting logging, oil and gas infrastructure, access roads and motorized recreational activities into critical caribou habitat.

  • Aerial gunning and strangling neck snares are equally inhumane.   They cause prolonged anxiety, pain and suffering. No animal should have to experience such agony.  Simply put, the ends do not justify the means.

  • Killing hundreds of one species to benefit another is unethical.

  • Killing wolves and other carnivores over a prolonged period has major ecological repercussions, negatively impacting species, systems and important biological processes.

  • At least 80% of wolves are targeted for death where programs are underway, significantly harming wolf families and populations and further damaging these ecological communities.  

  • In addition to wolves - cougars, bears, wolverines, and other animals are targetted for death in many caribou ranges. Removing carnivores disrupts Nature's ecological functions and benefits.  Elk, deer and moose are being killed through liberalized hunting in caribou ranges because they support wolves and other carnivores.  ALL individuals have intrinsic value and deserve respect. 

  • Habitat protection is being neglected. The government continues to deny caribou and the species they cohabitate with the protection they deserve.

  • The killing programs are expensive and serve as a distraction from ecosystem protection.  Money would be better invested in immediate habitat protection and restoration, and diversification from an economy based on exploitation of natural resources.

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