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Photos show government-contracted wolf killers displaying carcasses like trophies

March 3, 2020 - by Wolf Awareness Inc. in conjunction with Animal Alliance of Canada

--Two photos of government-contracted helicopter staff showing off wolves they’ve shot down as part of Alberta’s caribou recovery program have been confidentially delivered to Wolf Awareness.

The first photo shows a man propping up a dead wolf on his knee, with the weapon laid across the wolf’s chest. The photo was taken with a Hughes MD 500D helicopter from Bighorn Helicopters Inc. as a backdrop in the middle of a roadway surrounded by forest.  The second photo shows a different man holding the head of a dead white wolf so that it faces the camera with him. In this photo, the same Bighorn helicopter acts as backdrop, however the setting is a clearcut.


Cruel secret about BC’s wolf kill program revealed

December 11, 2019 (Golden, BC) - by Wolf Awareness Inc.

-- A gruesome detail about BC’s wolf-killing program has been revealed in a government report titled South Peace Caribou Recovery following Five Years of Experimental Wolf Reduction. Individual wolves that are radio-collared to later reveal the location of their pack are exposed to repeated trauma in this highly disturbing practice…over and over again. Despite being denied by government in previous media enquiries, the Methods section of the 2019 experimental report describes how the collared wolf is left to watch as it’s entire family is gunned down from the air, and kept alive year after year, being forced to repeatedly witness the death of any wolf that befriends it.

Calls for conservation ethics falling on deaf ears in BC, will Canada ignore pleas too?

May 28, 2019 (Golden, BC) - by Wolf Awareness Inc.

-- Two jointly proposed recovery plans for some caribou herds in the province of BC are set to rely heavily on killing wolves for decades, ignoring input from wolf biologists and a majority of respondents who voiced opposition to wolf kill programs during a 2012 public comment period on BC’s wolf management plan.

More than Just Numbers 
Legislative Petition Seeks Immediate End to Tax-funded Inhumane Wolf Kill Program in British Columbia

November 26, 2018 (Golden, BC) - by Wolf Awareness Inc.

-- Killing is NOT conservation, states Sadie Parr, Executive Director of Wolf Awareness. It’s not just about whether it works, but whether it is even conscionable to begin with. Attempting to sanctify killing large numbers of predators for any reason is highly disturbing. I strongly believe that ‘Just because you can, doesn’t mean you should’.

BC wolf killing program starts again with collaring of Judas wolves

November 13, 2017 (Golden, BC) - by Wolf Awareness Inc.

-- A new government report revealed by the BC Government indicates that the minimum death toll has increased by 108 wolves to a total of 402 killed in the province’s experiment under the guise of caribou conservation.  The report also states that radio-collaring efforts begin in the fall to later allow tracking of wolves back to their families in an attempt to kill as many wolves as possible during winter. The program has entered its 4th year.

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