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  • text colour (neither light nor dark) is not legible across colour contrast in image

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Experiment 2

  • darkening of the image on hover so that the text shows up

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Experiment 3

  • short text on hover with links to full text underneath image

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Northern Goshawk accipiter gentilis  
Like wolves, goshawks were shot, trapped and bounty hunted throughout much of the 20th century, perceived as a threat to domestic poultry. These secretive raptors reside in large tracts of undisturbed forest. Now protected from hunting, goshawks face declines due to habitat loss.

Radio Collared
In the cruel, yet government-sanctioned “Judas wolf” practice, an individual is pursued from helicopter, tranquilized, radio collared, and tracked by satellite in order to access its pack. In turn, the wolf’s family is gunned down as they flee, leaving many individuals to suffer a painful and prolonged death. The collared wolf is often left alive to seek a new pack, which becomes the next target. Unlike Judas, however, the lone wolf does not choose its bloody betrayal. 

Western Tanager Piranga ludoviciana
A birding favourite, the western tanager brightens foggy rainforest days with its colourful plumage. Caribou are considered an indicator species or a “canary in the coal mine” with regards to gaging ecosystem health. The tanager, native to British Columbia’s (BC) inland rainforests, is visually representative of the canary, its lemon-yellow feathers shining vibrantly in an ecosystem dimmed by degradation.


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